Marine Power Cord

The marine power cord and battery is super important for anybody who enjoys sailing in boats. Anyone who goes to sea will understand this. If your power systems are reliable then you should find it much safer to enjoy sailing. Power while sailing is essential to the discerning boating enthusiast and also makes it possible to enjoy your home  entertainment and heating systems.

Actually, maybe we should call it the “Boat Entertainment System”. After all, we are at sea and have the ability to live a life of sheer luxury out there on the waves. This simply pushes the point even further, of this blog, that your most essential part of your boat (besides the hull) is your much valued Marine Battery Charger equipment.

Advantages of a Marine Grade Power Cord

While it would be possible to use regular domestic wiring on your boat, though it’s not recommended, it’s always much better and safer to use specialist marine power cord. This cord is made to higher standards which makes it much easier for it to stand up to the difficulties that life at sea creates.

The cable isn’t even that more expensive than regular cable. If you shop around for a marine power cord then it should be relatively easy to find some which is inexpensive and still very reliable.

There are many different advantages which far outweigh the slightly more expensive cost of the marine power cord. These cords will protect you from problems caused by short circuits because the insulation is much thicker.

These high quality copper marine power cords are also able to make your batteries last longer. This is because they put much less demand on your Marine Battery Charger and batteries. This cable is also able to work safely even when the cable is submersed in water. The cables will remain intact and will not become dangerous.

Power Cord Adapters

There are also a number of different adapters which can be used while you are at shore. A Shore Y Adapter for example makes it possible to split on of the outlets at shore into two outlets to charge your batteries and run another appliance at the same time.

The Y adapters are an example of a marine power cord with locking connectors. This makes sure that it is completely safe. The cable is also waterproof which makes it safe to use outdoors even when it is raining.

Extension Leads

There are also many shore extension leads which can be used to connect your boats charging circuits to the shore outlet. These are available in different capacities which are suitable for different sized boats. When you use a brand such as a Guest Pro Charger, Truecharge or a Promariner Battery Charger, you then know you are on the right track with all the correct accessories.

Right Connectors For Your Marine Power Cord

Whenever you are buying a marine power cord or extension cables you must ensure that you select the correct connectors. There are many different types of connectors used for different equipment. You should always check that you are buying the right type of cable.


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