Marine Charger Inverter

Ignoring your Marine Charger Inverter be a painful death! That is, a painful death for your battery in your boat. This could be an inconvenience and also downright dangerous for those around you as well as yourself. In order to keep your battery charged and in good condition you need a good inverter charger. This is the device which keeps your boat’s battery fully charged and in good condition.

We all rely on electricity in every single day of our lives. When you’re sailing that shouldn’t be any different. Although you won’t be anywhere near an electrical supply it is possible to take your own with you. The solution is right at your fingertips.

A marine charger inverter makes it easy to keep your batteries fully charged. Problem fixed!

Choosing a Marine Charger Inverter

The prices of these marine charger inverters are actually very affordable. This should make it easy to avoid causing any excessive damage to your battery. It’s important that you choose the right rating marine inverter. Ideally you should stick to a charging voltage which is around 20% of the total capacity of your battery. This will ensure that the battery won’t be under or overcharged.

The Dangers of Under or Over Charging

By choosing the right marine charger inverter you will be able to avoid under or overcharging the battery. By overcharging a battery you will make it much hotter than it should be. This means that it will lose more water than it should do which will make your battery last shorter than it should do.

Under charging also has similar problems. This makes sulphite collect on the elements of the battery and will eventually stop the battery from working.

Finding a Good Deal

When looking for a good value marine charger inverter you should shop around. These can be found on the internet and in various other places. Many of them are reasonably priced although it is also important to look for a reliable brand which will last for as long as possible.

Portable Marine Charger Inverters

You need to choose a portable battery charger which can be stored on your boat easily. Another advantage of choosing a small marine charger inverter is that they can be used on different boats which is useful if you own more than one boat.

The marine charger inverter makes it very easy to keep your boats electrical supply topped up which is useful whenever you’re going sailing at sea.


  1. Great post about how to find a right Marine Charger Inverter. I believe a lot of people are looking for the right tips to find a right Marine Charger Inverter and surely this article will benefit them.

  2. Hello Mr Marine Dude,
    With our bus we are trying to work out how to keep the battery lasting longer, and what we would do if the battery was to go when out in the bush. It will be trial and error for a couple of weeks but that is the beauty of trying out something new.
    At least with a Marine Battery you will be able to purchase a Marine Charger Inverter.
    Great to know that there are places for good deals on the Inverter

  3. Hi Marine Dude
    I have observed over the past few years that inverter technology has become increasingly sophisticated while progressively less expensive. It would be a serious oversight to be ‘cheap’ with this essential equipment. Buying quality is so much more affordable now making a well researched purchase an investment in your enjoyment and peace of mind while out on the water.


  4. Hi MrMarineDude,

    I could imagine that keeping the battery in good nick while out at sea would be very important and having the right charger would be equally so.

  5. Thanks for the advise on overcharging or undercharging the battery. I didnt know this could be dangerous, and could have been in serious trouble without this information!

  6. Having a well powered battery would be vital for any marine craft going out to sea. It could definately be life threatening if the boat broke down out there. I can see the importance of having a good marine charger inverter and you have given some great advice here.

  7. I remember studying battery chargers in tradeschool, very uninteresting stuff, although they are very handy. The dangers of under and/or overcharging is definitely one not to be ignored.

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