Truecharge Battery Charger

Anyone interested in a Truecharge Battery Charger will need to ensure that they are choosing the right model for their boat. These chargers are high quality and designed specifically for charging marine batteries. Quality is paramount when you choose your equipment and this brand surely stands out in the reliability stakes!

True Quality!

A Truecharge Battery Charger is reliable and high in quality. These are able to cope with the harsh marine environment. They are also waterproof which means that you don’t need to worry too much about them getting wet.

These Truecharge Battery Chargers might be slightly more expensive than other makes however they are much more durable and longer lasting. They also require very little maintenance throughout their lifetime.

Choosing a Truecharge Battery Charger

So that you can select the right Truecharge Battery Charger for your boat you need to find out about the batteries that you are charging. You need to check the input voltage of the battery. This will normally be rated between 120 and 230 VAC and can be found by reading the label on the battery itself. You should also check the type of battery you have. There are Flooded, AGM or Gel type batteries. Also check the capacity of the battery which will be listed in Amp hours.

Extending Battery Life

When you choose the correct Truecharge Battery Charger it should be much easier to find one that will extend the life of your boats battery. This will be sure that it won’t cause any damage by overcharging or undercharging your battery. Either of these things could cause harm to your boats battery.

Overcharging will cause the battery to get too hot. This can cause water loss. That’s why it’s so important that you choose the right type of charger for your battery. To ensure that the battery lasts for as long as possible you should try to choose a battery which has a charging rate of around 20% the capacity of the battery. This should mean that it will take three hours to fully charge your battery.

Choosing a Truecharge Battery Charger will make it much easier to choose a reliable charger. These are a well known brand and have been making high quality marine chargers for many years. Choosing one of these will make it much easier to ensure that your battery will last for much longer than normal.

Maintaining Charge

All Truecharge Battery Chargers are capable of maintaining the battery charge even when the boat is in storage. This is particularly important if you live in a cold part of the world as batteries can become damaged if left in cold places for a long time. These are vital points to consider when choosing a Marine Battery Charger for your vessel.

Promariner Battery Charger

The Promariner Battery Charger is without a doubt one of the most reliable marine charger you can lay your hands on. The Promariner is durable and reliable. Once you have made your mind up on the brand, simply take a look at the specifications of the battery that you want to charge to ensure that you are buying the right type of charger.

Promariner Battery Specifications

It’s important that the Promariner Battery Charger you choose is suitable for charging your battery. Keeping these in mind, you will always have a great reference point to stay safe at sea knowing your equipment is reliable.

Knowing this you now need to consider these three things:

  • Input Voltage
  • Type of Battery
  • Battery Capacity

The input voltage will normally be around 120 to 230 VAC depending on the size of boat that you have. The battery types can be flooded, gel or AGM and different chargers are suitable for each of these. The battery capacity is probably the most important.

Undercharge or Overcharge?

By researching the specifications you can minimise the dangers of over or undercharging your batteries. Overcharging the battery would make it much too hot which would result in excessive water loss. This means that the battery would last a much shorter time than it should.

Undercharging the battery is also dangerous. This can clog up the battery plates with sulphite which will destroy the battery over time. To choose the right type of Promariner battery charger you should try to stick to a charging voltage which is around 20% of the battery capacity.

Best Battery Chargers

Promariner Battery Chargers are some of the best available. This is because they output a steady voltage and are much less likely to damage your battery. This also means that as long as you choose the correct Promariner charger for your boat it will be easy to extend the life of your battery.

Maintaining Charge

By choosing a good brand such as a Promariner Battery Charger it will be possible to maintain the charge through the winter months. This is very important because you will be able to ensure that your battery will be able to survive through the winter. This feature is even more important if you live in a cold area of the country.

Type of Charger

You will need to choose a Marine Battery Charger which is suitable for the number of engines on your boat. If you only have a single engine then you will need a battery charger with a single cranking output. If you have two batteries then you will need dual cranking battery outputs.