Deep Cycle Marine Battery

A Deep Cycle Marine Battery is a great option for your boat if you want it to handle the beating of pounding waves, provide steady current for longer periods, run all your marine electronic gears and drift out in the sea without the fear of a dead battery. Proper maintenance of these batteries will increase their life which in turn will help you cut down replacement and repair costs.

Multiple Stage Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

So, if you face a situation when your boat doesn’t start this may lead to one conclusion, that is a dead battery. Proper maintenance may start from proper charging to cleaning of your deep cycle battery. These batteries have specific maintenance requirements when it comes to charging. Multiple stage Deep Cycle Marine Battery Chargers are used for recharging these batteries from time to time. Moreover, your marine battery will reach its maximum storage capacity after numerous charge and discharge cycles due to it’s deep cycle functionality.

The Most Recommended Charger

Over and undercharging this battery is common and one of the major reasons of damage. One important point to keep in mind at the time of recharging is that do not charge these batteries before they have been completely used. Charging should take place only when these batteries are nearly empty. Basically, the smart charger battery charging unit is one of the most recommended chargers for these batteries.

How To Kill Your Battery

It is very important to monitor your battery regularly with a battery tester or a voltage meter. This will ensure that you are maintaining a correct charge or not and if not then it will help you take corrective measures. The most important point to remember here is that this battery should be recharged after running down the charge to very low. If this is not done consequently your battery will not be able to charge fully. Effectively, you could be killing your battery over time if used improperly.

Cleaning Your Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Although keeping your battery clean is very important, it is often overlooked. Your Deep Cycle Marine Battery require its terminals to be cleaned annually. This can be achieved by greasing the terminals with a thin coat by a wire brush which will prevent it from oxidation. Moreover, if you want some extra security for your battery as well as your boat you can always place the battery in a battery box. Boxing your battery will certainly prove to be an added measure regarding security purposes.

Such regular maintenance and proper charging techniques will help to extend your expensive Deep Cycle Marine Battery’s life and will save you replacement costs in the long run. Most importantly it will save you from being deserted on some remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

RV Inverter Charger

If you are the proud owner of an RV then you might be in need of an RV Inverter Charger. This is a special charging device which is becoming more and more common. Most people can’t live without electricity even if they are away from home. Camping no longer needs to mean slumming it. Actually you can live very comfortably by using a battery and your priceless charger.

The Inverter Charger could be your best friend on a camping trip. If you need extra convincing of this, simply unplug your battery for a few days and see what it is like in the slums. It won’t be much fun, I can assure you of that!

Choosing an RV Inverter Charger

When you are choosing an RV Inverter Charger it is important to spend time looking at the different options available to you. It is vital that the inverter charger that you chose is compatible with your boat and that it is able to keep your battery fully charged.

Do You Really Need an Inverter?

An inverter can be used to run appliances from battery power or solar panels. These devices convert the DC electricity stored in batteries or generated from solar panels into AC power which can be used to run fridges or electric cookers. These are perfect for anyone who wants to take their RV to campsites which do not have power hook-ups.

Even if you do carefully choose campsites which always have power outlets available then it still offers some advantages. It would be more difficult to justify buying one if you have outlets available because you don’t strictly need one.

Visiting Sites without Hook-ups

Almost everybody with an RV will visit a campsite which does not have power hook-ups available. In this case an inverter charger is essential. It means that you will be able to enjoy using electrical appliances wherever you are.

You will be able to charge a battery up at home or at a powered campsite before your trip when using an RV Inverter Charger. This will provide you with plenty of power for your stay.

Solar Panels

RV Inverter Chargers are best used in combination with solar panels. This provides a fantastic way for you to keep batteries charged while you are away. Solar panels are quite expensive but they will work for a long time with minor maintenance.

Marine Power Cord

The marine power cord and battery is super important for anybody who enjoys sailing in boats. Anyone who goes to sea will understand this. If your power systems are reliable then you should find it much safer to enjoy sailing. Power while sailing is essential to the discerning boating enthusiast and also makes it possible to enjoy your home  entertainment and heating systems.

Actually, maybe we should call it the “Boat Entertainment System”. After all, we are at sea and have the ability to live a life of sheer luxury out there on the waves. This simply pushes the point even further, of this blog, that your most essential part of your boat (besides the hull) is your much valued Marine Battery Charger equipment.

Advantages of a Marine Grade Power Cord

While it would be possible to use regular domestic wiring on your boat, though it’s not recommended, it’s always much better and safer to use specialist marine power cord. This cord is made to higher standards which makes it much easier for it to stand up to the difficulties that life at sea creates.

The cable isn’t even that more expensive than regular cable. If you shop around for a marine power cord then it should be relatively easy to find some which is inexpensive and still very reliable.

There are many different advantages which far outweigh the slightly more expensive cost of the marine power cord. These cords will protect you from problems caused by short circuits because the insulation is much thicker.

These high quality copper marine power cords are also able to make your batteries last longer. This is because they put much less demand on your Marine Battery Charger and batteries. This cable is also able to work safely even when the cable is submersed in water. The cables will remain intact and will not become dangerous.

Power Cord Adapters

There are also a number of different adapters which can be used while you are at shore. A Shore Y Adapter for example makes it possible to split on of the outlets at shore into two outlets to charge your batteries and run another appliance at the same time.

The Y adapters are an example of a marine power cord with locking connectors. This makes sure that it is completely safe. The cable is also waterproof which makes it safe to use outdoors even when it is raining.

Extension Leads

There are also many shore extension leads which can be used to connect your boats charging circuits to the shore outlet. These are available in different capacities which are suitable for different sized boats. When you use a brand such as a Guest Pro Charger, Truecharge or a Promariner Battery Charger, you then know you are on the right track with all the correct accessories.

Right Connectors For Your Marine Power Cord

Whenever you are buying a marine power cord or extension cables you must ensure that you select the correct connectors. There are many different types of connectors used for different equipment. You should always check that you are buying the right type of cable.

Marine Battery Chargers Video Launch

Marine Battery Chargers have now officially launched into the blogosphere. We have established a growing readership of boating enthusiasts who appreciate the value of great free content about Battery Chargers. Read our unbiased reports on the below marine brands and equipment mentioned below the video.

This video is short, concise and to the point just like our blog! We aim to give you the most relevant and unbiased information we can to help you make the choice that is best for you next time you go to sea. Enjoy your time  here and be sure to learn lots about the correct equipment at sea.

Marine Battery Chargers Launch

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Marine Battery Chargers

Marine Battery Chargers are essential pieces of equipment for anyone who owns a boat. The electrical systems in your boat are powered from a battery. In order to stay in working order the battery will need to be charged from time to time.

Your brand choice can be essential to your comfort when you are at sea. I will take you through a whole range of the best Marine Battery Chargers in this blog, including the Guest Pro Charger, Truecharge and Promariner. You will also learn about less appreciated, yet essential equipment, such as the best choice of Marine Power Cord and even get detailed about the Marine Charger Inverter.

Choosing a Marine Battery Charger

Not all of these chargers are identical. It’s important to choose the right charger for your boat. Take a look at your Marine Battery and note down the input voltage and type of battery you are using. The capacity of battery is also important and this will be written down in Amp Hours (Ah).

Like all batteries it’s important to take good care of them. The battery needs to be charged regularly but never under or over charged. Overcharging can dramatically shorten the life of your battery. Choose a charging rate which is around 20% of the quoted capacity of your battery. This should minimize the chances of incorrect charging. Also choose a battery charger which features a charging circuit to protect your battery.

If you’re unsure which marine charger is suitable for your boat then the best thing to do would be to ask. Experts will be able to recommend suitable equipment for you.

Type of Chargers

When choosing the type of marine battery chargers it is important to consider how many engines there are on the boat. If you have a boat with a single engine then the battery charger only needs to have one cranking battery output. If you have dual engines then you will need two cranking battery outputs.

If you own more than one boat and want to charge all of them then you could also consider using a portable charger. These are also ideally suited to smaller boats as they take up much less space.

Popular Brands

Some of the best known brands for Marine Battery Chargers include Charles chargers, Dual Pro, Minn Kota  and the Promariner Battery Charger. When choosing one of these better known brands you will be buying reliable equipment with a proven track history.


Most people will use their boats occasionally and that’s why it’s so important to choose a marine battery charger which can keep your battery in good condition. This is even more important if you are living in a cold part of the world and don’t plan to use your boat throughout the winter.

Using the Charger

Before you consider using the marine battery charger to charge your boats battery it is essential that you read through all of the instructions. This will make absolutely sure that the charger is connected in the correct way and that it doesn’t cause any harm to the battery.

Marine battery chargers are an important part of your boat as it makes it much easier to enjoy your boat safe in the knowledge that it will have plenty of power to run all of the electrical gadgets and engines.