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Welcome to Marine Battery Charger Shop.

Being possibly one of the smallest parts in a boat, your battery charger is undoubtedly one of the most important marine devices you can carry onboard. There is absolutely nothing worse than being stranded miles from shore without the right equipment and especially not when it is such a cheap insurance to carry with you. Pound for pound, your charger is worth its weight in gold.

Marine Battery Charger Shop

Before you plan your next trip offshore, make sure to call in to Marine Battery Charger Shop and get your hands on the best equipment and spare parts to ensure your next trip is safe and enjoyable. Whether it is a Guest Pro Charger or a Promariner Battery Charger, we will ensure that you get the right battery charger for the job. We will even consider size, voltage, capacity and the environment it will be exposed to.

Marine Battery Storage and Advice

We will also ensure you have the best advice when it comes to charging your batteries over winter or storage periods. How to go about that is very important to the life of your marine battery.

See you back here soon.

Mr Marine
Marine Battery Charger Shop